STEP 1: Complete our online quote form, giving a fair and honest description of your clubs

STEP 2: We'll email you a price for your clubs within 24 hours (it's normally much faster than this)

STEP 3: If you're happy with the price, respond to the email to let us know, including your bank details so we can send you the money. Alternatively, if you'd prefer for us to discount the amount from a purchase from our site just let us know. You can read more about our trade in process here.

STEP 4: Package your clubs up and send them to the address provided in your quote email.

STEP 5: Once we receive the clubs we will inspect them and then release the money to you within 48 hours, via bank transfer.

STEP 6: That's it.

PLEASE NOTE: Unless told otherwise, we assume all drivers, woods, hybrids and putters come with headcovers and adjustment tools where applicable and quotes are priced accordingly. If headcovers or adjustment tools are missing, £10 will be subtracted from payment.



STEP 1: Find the used golf clubs you like, add them to your cart.

STEP 2: Either check straight out and pay, and we will dispatch your clubs to you within 24 hours.

STEP 3: Enjoy your new golf clubs, with the reassurance of a 14 day satisfaction guarantee.

Take a look at our frequently asked questions for more information.