A new golf shop in Chippenham, Wiltshire

Updated: Sep 21, 2021

It's been a busy few weeks, and there are still a few weeks to go before you can visit our new golf shop to buy and sell the very best new and used golf clubs. Nonetheless we want to keep you updated with our progress...

Since our last update we've almost finished the basic installations, with the majority of the walls clad and the roof and flooring nearly sorted.

This has allowed us to start work on the more exciting elements.

The golf simulator space is beginning to take shape. This is such an important area as it will give all our customers the chance to try any golf club before they buy to make sure it is just right!

We 've also begun building our club racking. We have a huge amount of stock to display, so creating a large and substantial racking system was key. A combination of railway sleeper timber and angle iron as given us a really nice finish.

Our new toilet has been installed with the room tiles and painted. We've also finished our new changing room, so customers can try on the range of golf clothing an accessories we will have in stock.

One of the biggest jobs still to do is to install our 'Club Spa' area. This is where we ensure every golf club we buy is in perfect condition. It is also the area we use to perform all our custom fit, restoration and adjustments on any golf clubs our customers require when they buy from us.

Still lots to do, but we hope to open our doors on 14th August - but we will keep you updated.

We cant wait to welcome you all, whether you are looking to sell your golf clubs, buy a new set, browse our stock of golf clothing and accessories or even book a golf lesson.

One important delivery was received this week - our new coffee machine. We'll make sure it is on when you arrive.

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