Best selling second hand golf clubs in the UK

Updated: May 17, 2021

If you’re looking to buy used golf clubs, where do you start?

The second hand golf club market in the UK is at an all-time high – but which are the clubs everyone is keen to get their hands on?

We had a look through our archives over the past year to see what is hot when it comes to buying used golf clubs.

Fifth place: Wilson staff

Although arguably losing ground to other manufacturers over the last decade, Wilson’s history and pedigree can not be disputed. Prices, particularly second hand, offer fantastic value given the brand’s expertise. Particularly popular with beginners, but in our opinion not to be overlooked by any golfer.

Fourth place: Ping

Our fourth most popular brand when it comes to second hand sales is Ping. Ping is always popular, but when it comes to the second-hand market Ping are quite unique in that their older clubs can be as popular as their new clubs. With some Ping models becoming real collectors’ items many old sets still command very good money. In particular the Ping Beryllium Copper irons and some of the ISI sets. And we have to agree they are beautiful, timeless clubs and the values are only going one way.

Third place: Titleist

Titleist are popular across the board, but one particular best seller in the second-hand market for Titleist are their wedges. Even the older Vokey SM wedges still sell, which is unusual in the wedge market.

Second place: Callaway

It is very close between Callaway, and our first-place manufacturer. Callaway drivers and fairways have proved particularly popular over the last year, with some great deals to be had for those looking to buy second-hand clubs. Mavrik and Epic drivers never hang around, and buying second hand can save you big money compared to buying new. And let’s face it, the difference between a new and nearly new driver (bar the price tag) is almost non-existent.

First place: Taylormade

And first place, and most popular golf club brand in the used golf club market in the UK last year, was Taylormade. The M series kit sells almost as quickly as we get it in. Which is unsurprising, given the feel, forgiveness and performance of these clubs. The P760, P770 and P790 sets also always fly out the door, but who can blame people for snapping up these utterly beautiful clubs?

The time to buy Taylormade is when you see them. But one word of caution, some of the M series irons, particularly the older models, can suffer from face caving issues so always buy from a reputable dealer who properly quality checks and inspects all clubs before selling.

Worth a mention… PXG

Serious value alert! PXG make quality, beautiful clubs, but popularity in the second hand market is still fairly immature. As such resale values can represent huge value. A new set of PXG irons could set you back more than £2,500. Picking up second hand sets, only a few months old, will be approximately half that. We predict people will cotton on soon, and second-hand prices will move upwards, so grab a bargain while you can.


Although these manufacturers have proved the most popular, there are many other brands that you should not overlook. A forged Mizuno set of irons are hard to beat, as is a Scotty Cameron putter. Or could we interest you in a set of Cobra one length irons which have also surged in popularity. The list goes on. With so many beautiful and brilliant clubs out there, get browsing and find your next golfing partner.

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