The benefits of buying and selling second-hand golf clubs continues to surge

Updated: May 17, 2021

For the past year or so the market for used golf clubs has surged. Prices are stronger in the secondhand market than at any other point in recent memory. But why?

There are several factors.

Used golf club prices

The recent coronavirus pandemic has hit the delivery times of new golf clubs considerably.

We’ve heard stories of some of the major golf club manufacturers taking up to 6 months to deliver.

Obviously, that is hugely frustrating.

A secondhand golf club can be in the bag and on the first tee almost immediately - which in the fast-paced modern world has come to be expected.

Secondly, with the after affects of the pandemic and the uncertainty in the job market people are increasingly cost conscious and find an investment in a good quality, used golf club a more justifiable investment.

And that makes good sense. A good quality golf club costs a premium to buy new and suffers severe initial depreciation. But once you are over the initial drop in price it holds its value incredibly well.

Take a new driver for example. You would expect to pay somewhere in the region of £450 for a premium club. Take it out the wrapper and hit it a couple of times you would be lucky to sell the club for £300.

Buy that same club at £300 in the used club market and you have an almost pristine golf club that you would likely still sell for £250 in a year or two’s time. That is serious value!

Used golf club choice

The introduction of new golf clubs is fact paced and you must ask yourself whether the shiny new club (with the shiny new price tag) really is that much better than its predecessor that was released just a few months earlier?

The other thing to consider is that new clubs only represent a very small window into the wonderful world of golf clubs, so why restrict yourself to just the clubs on sale right now?

Particularly relevant to putters where personal feel often trumps technology, but increasingly so for irons, woods, hybrids and drivers where casting your net across the quality second hand market opens up an unbelievable choice and outstanding value.

The environment

There are also big environmental benefits for opting for used over new golf clubs. People are increasingly conscious of their impact on the environment and opting to buy a used golf club over a new one is another way to reduce your carbon footprint.

With all that said – you have to tread carefully in the used golf club market. Find a reputable dealer – like, who verify the authenticity and condition of all golf clubs prior to sale and offer a satisfaction guarantee and returns policy.

You will no doubt find cheaper deals awash on eBay and other online marketplaces, but the price comes with a sizable amount of risk.

As with all things, there is a difference between cost and value and the reputable used golf club retailers represent the best value and peace of mind.

The final word on second hand golf clubs

The used golf club market, whether you are looking to buy or sell is a vibrant and exciting place as long as you do your homework and stick to reputable retailers.

So dive in, take a look around and happy shopping.

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