Underrated. Underpriced?

Updated: May 17, 2021

Two hidden gems in the used golf club market.

OK we're betting a fair few of you will have heard of Yonex before - after all they were once in the bag of one of the best golfers out there - Phil Mickelson. But we also bet few of you will have seriously considered them as an option?

But why not? Yonex may have lost their way a little (they were once real innovators - pioneering the wide-bodied driver and were the first company to develop a graphite headed club), but they make some fantastic clubs.

Whenever we've tested a Yonex golf club, we find them to be extremely consistent and forgiving - particularly on mishits. They also create, what seems like, effortless swing speed when compared to its pier group models.

Sure, they have a limited product range when compared to the bigger players in the market, but that's not to say you can't find some fantastic clubs - particularly secondhand.

With second hand prices not holding as strong as others you can find a club packed with tech, easy to hit and forgiving for a fraction of the price of comparable clubs. In our opinion they are well worth a look.

Going even further off the beaten track

So you may have heard of Yonex, but how about Tour Edge?

We don't see a huge amount of these in the used club market, but when we do our pros are often stiffing around them.

The Exotics range in particular is a real players club - packed with tech for a great price. But what stands out more is the quality, which seeps through the whole range. Tour Edge back all it's products with a lifetime warranty - which is some statement.

They look beautiful in the bag. The look great behind the ball - instilling confidence, particularly in the eye of the better player. But again they just don't command the values they quite frankly should on the used club market.

If you see one of these clubs for sale second hand - do yourself a favour and snap it up. You won't be disappointed.

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